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Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
After reading the Worlds prizes thread, someone mentioned that the BFTA were sitting on a (alleged) 5 figure sum.

Just wondering why Newbury has such poor facilities when it is supposed to be the National ground?. Most regional clubs have better facilities these days.....which are paid for by the clubs members. Is the ground at Newbury rented and if so why? somewhere and make it a REAL National ground. Either that or make another place the National ground. Why does the BFTA need to make a profit?
It's probably an issue of accounts being open to inspection to some degree that there's always a debate on how they should be spent. I believe that Newbury was rented, rather than purchased, so it was more supported than anything else further.

The amount the BFTA has would never cover the purchase of ground large enough to host national events. It may be a recession, but anything with a 1/2 decent entrance, that doesn't flood, has permission for use over 28 days, and actually comes with shooting rights, doesn't have public footpaths around it or through it, is not cheap.

I think the BFTA could perhaps fund a club improvement scheme, but as most grounds are leased/rented, these facilities could only be of a certain standard, otherwise it would be a landlords improvement scheme .
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