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Does the BFTA make a profit?

An example of items and services bought this year.

GP series:
200 glass cube trophies with engraving.
50 end of season trophies
24 medals for teams
A rather nice new cup for overall winner.
100 new clocks
10,000 score cards
Marquee hire at GP9
Major sponsors of the prize raffle

BFTA Champs 10 trophies
BFTA IR 45 medals
BFTA Masters 10 trophies
BFTA Showdown 12 trophies
BFTA Euros 10 trophies

Plus many other items.

Per year the BFTA would be daft not to try and break even. However, for the 5 seasons that I have been involved with the BFTA I'd say that they've spent more than they've taken. It does have a healthy bank balance but it is decreasing slowly as initiatives are responded to. To find what these initiatives are then read the Minutes of BFTA meeting.

As to Newbury. Newbury is a rented ground within a very big estate. Newbury ARC does not have many members so to secure use of Newbury the BFTA contributes to the rent. Clubs with good facilities generally have a lot of members. Next season there is a proposal to move the opening BFTA weekend to another region.
The suggestion that the BFTA purchases ground is an interesting one. I imagine that ownership of grounds to be rare.

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