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The prizes were lost due to the drop out which had the event running something around 1000 loss. NFTAC isn't like the BFTA, it's not sitting on a 5 figure sum in the bank, it's a few people probably akin to a small region in the BFTA. It's probably of little doubt that the shortfall came out of Andy's own pocket.

Andy was handed the worlds after several countries dropped out. It wasn't 1-2, i seem to remember 6 dropping out, but can't remember for certain. He stated early that it was a reduced entry event to the Chair, however this detail wasn't known until it was announced. Even at that time, the largest shoot in modern years was Hungary at 165 (SA was 122 if i remember correctly). It was Italy that blew the lid off with 220+ shooters. With NZ not ready, we'd be going further down the list, but heading towards countries which had capability but not enough preparation time. As an indication, England's organisation will probably start 5-6 years before our turn, which I estimate to be around 2020... in other words, we aint far away from having to deal with all these issues ourselves... so if the idea that we can do the best job prevails for a couple of years, we'll be putting our money where out mouth is very soon.

Andy extended his intake from 150 to 170 by putting on 3 sessions, in order to meet demand, cutting out just 55 shooters from the year before. Somewhere between that and the recession there was a large drop out. This lead to a shortfall, and one could think that if the 30 or so shooters from England who registered and tried to qualify continued and signed up, the space would have been there, and the prize fund would have an extra 1-2k in it. Certainly that could be said for another country that dropped out 28 shooters as well. A reminder, that at that point, was not only I in constant communication with Andy about the entry demands, but also logistics like accommodation, and things like air, for which several 50L 300bar cylinders were rented to deal with the demands of 100 or so empty PCP shooters turning up. If anyone wants to see the calculations for that, and how many you need for an event, let me know.

The EFTA has constantly pushed, and will continue to do so, for the WFTF to improve each year, with all aspects of the event. What people across the board probably don't realise is that this is no longer just an event for a 100 or so people, that it's probably one for 400 people, from 30 countries, requiring nearly a week of shooting, 40 volunteers who won't shoot, an area of about 4x the size of the Euros at the midlands, car parking for 200 people, and possibly a zero range that's 1/2 a KM long. So between not having the event at all, or that, there's an in between... but I can assure you I've never seen a host give up on making the event to the best of their ability

Quite frankly if we want to pick the bones out of past event's to this degree, our efforts reportedly needed a damned good going over.

Has Andrew shown you the 7" diamond crystal trophy he go as well? The one he will be able to keep, rather than hand back like the silver plated trophy others have had?

Germany will be asking for deposits.

The WFTF doesn't hold or raise money. It's hard enough to get discussion going, let alone sorting funds. We believe there should be a format which a country should agree to before being given the hosting, but it will take time to put in place, and it's only recently that it's become apparent that it's needed. Your committee will be open to all suggestions, and we'll discuss them and put them forward where we find agreement.
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