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Thank you Nemesis and Wise Guy for your advice...

I wrote Steyr’s Engineering Department for advice but their response was that Steyr does not index the cylinders because this procedure will cost them more money!
As if the $3,195 US Dollars for the FT model here in the US were not enough!

For comparison: My FWB 700 aluminum, Anschutz 9003, Anschutz 8002 (my son’s) and 2 FWB pistols ALL HAVE INDEXED cylinders but I guess that this cosmetic issue is of no importance for the factory.
Anyhow, I guess that this is an issue that each individual has to either fix on his own or live with the problem…I decided to fix it and it was a combination of your advice and a little engineering...

I have a shop at home with a lathe, milling machine, etc. so I made an aluminum tool for removing the bottom part of the cylinder...This is very simple to do and now I have a professional tool for fixing the cylinder if the O rings (Valve and gauge) or the valve itself ever need replacement.

After removing the air valve, I made an extension tool with a hex 5 mm bit at the tip for removing the air gauge that needed indexing. This was probably what took me the more time because I have mm tools and wrenches but not the 5 mm hex bit that I needed and mm tooling is still scarce in the area where I live (Montana in the US).

After removing the gauge I made a gasket with a hole in the center for the "O" ring in the gauge to clear, I started with a .35 MM thick gasket and ended up with a .16 mm; it was a trial and error procedure for determining which thickness was needed for a perfect centering.

I rotated the regulator 180 degrees (It can only go on either of these 2 positions) because in this position the gasket required was thinner...The gasket needed to be thick enough for rotating the gauge less than a turn backwards.

I assembled the cylinder back, put it back in the LG 110 FT and the indexing was PERFECT…Not factory perfect but consumer PERFECT!!
I then proceeded to fill the cylinder with air to 210 BAR for checking leaks…The pressure held well for 3 days so I brought back the pressure to 200 BAR and now I have a perfectly indexed cylinder.

If I were Steyr I would index all of the cylinders in all the guns that are manufactured…It is a cosmetic issue but one that speaks for GOOD ENGINEERING, ARTISTRY and LOVE of what you are doing…
I see my guns as pieces of art and not as mere tools for throwing pellets or bullets, but that is me and I don’t represent the universe of shooters out there.

Best regards for you all…

Flathead Lake, Montana

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