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Default Just not the right day

Have to say I could have done without the final Gp falling so soon after the worlds.
Spent most of tuesday and wednesday sleeping, catching up with missing Worlds sleep.
No tosh you cant have abum ****

Then had three weddings to do over Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

I would like to thank all those that passed on congratulations about the worlds to me on Sunday at far coley, to say i was taken back by the nice comments is an understatement.

There perhaps was the problem for gp9. something of an under card shoot for me just a week later and it fianlly sinking in that i actually did quite well in Norway.
As such, was not in full competative mode, I was even nice to Fisher!

I was a bit disapointed to find no short card / targets on the Zero range, nothing around 10 -15 to check windage on.
Closest was about 25 yards and by then there was wind. As such, just had to go with Norway windage settings as due to the above I had not had the gun out until Saturday night watching match of the day, and then only to clean the barrel.

We started on lane 4, bit of a bugger to start on when your not entirley sure which way your gun is shooting after another flight and wrestling match with the baggage handlers!

I think T7 was around 53 -54 yards, I gave it full 50m as i thaught some of my pellets were going low on the zero. That however could just have been the wind on the zero?
Chrono showed 764 which to me is a joke as everyone else was getting low readings too.

Anyway, Fishers hit was just inside 9 and Dave Clark, who obviously is no friend of Tony Cook (lol ) had missed it i think just past 3.
Put the cross hair on 9 edge and the pellet struck 2 oclock. so just under cooked the wind and over the range.
At least T8 whic i made i think about 45m, i gave just outside 9, perhaps 1/4 inch and the pellet smacked into centre of paddle. could have stayed inside edge!

Fisher missed the longer of the standers in our next lane, think it was about 32m? He hit the shorter one. I hit the longer one, then instead of putting the gun down and using my time pulled the shorter shot passed 3 o'clock. Bad short, bordering on being a Tart.

We plodded through the woods section and it was poke and hope really. Whispy wind again, a sad trait of this years gp on the whole, indeed for a number i went down the middle and hit the next 25 targets with hardly any effort or skill at all.
I missed t36 as it was another of the season 40m standers (Yawn ) and the tennis elbow was giving a bit of a stabbing pain, so i just could not be bothered in pushing it. It either was going down or would be close.
6 edge was close.

Next lane was for me the only decent one on the course. Think it was a squiirreell up in a tree, about 50m or at least thats what i gave it, probably about an inch off plate and the pellet sailed right into the centre. Followed by a 45 m target down in the flying saucer bowl that i came an inch out of kill for, those two targets were the only sitters i thaught really worked for.

Even the field proved no particular problem and i was iside kill for all sitting targets.

I missed T47, te 15 ml about 18m? I put the cross hair in the middle as there was no where near enough wind to move the pellet at that range but some how the pellet landed low and left, well off 7 edge.

I was somewhat bemused but thinking about it, Ii think being realativley boared with the shooting again i "sub conciously" shot a tart.
I have done it in practise, switched off while groupding after a few many shots at low ranges and done simular things, putting shots miles out from where they should land.

T49 was the longer Kneeler in the field. Rock steady, gave 3 edge and the pellet hit 9 edge, spun its way into the kill but without enough force to take the kill down. I was going to call it but Fisher would not let me lol.

Cleared the rest and again was not out of kill when back down the ponds.

The result was poor for the day. I did not mind the first miss as I was not sure about the gun. The standers, one was bad the other was just me. The kneeler was disapointing and the 15 ml very disapointing
Easy 47+ course really.

So Gp season done, 9th overall. Dissapointed with the result really as i thaught i might have done a bit better.
Little jack had beaten me in 4 rounds and i him 4, tied in 1.
Andras i had beat in 5 of the 7 rounds he did, he beat me in the last two. Calps i beat 5 - 3 with a tie, just lost out to El capitano and beat Berty 5 - 4, even beat Gilly 5 rounds to 4 so not too bad perhaps, just not hitting enough big scores on the right days.

That costello is quite good though, not sure how i managed to beat him in the Worlds

Not sure what next year will bring.
I cant see me bothering with all the gp's, think that will depend on what grounds are used.

Far to many of the shoots were too tight for my likling this year, tight in no or little wind meaning any small mistakes are almost impossible to claw back.

Only Tondu and Anston I really enjoyed, thaught both of them had good wind and made you think in the shoot with the different angles and wind conditions
gp 1 was not bad and i liked the Banks oand open fields in Gp2, though again in the 25+ targets in the woods i only came out once!.
Gp 3,4, 5, 7 & 8 were too windless for me to enjoy.

Plan is to send guns to Ostler over the winter. Rev just for a service and perhaps a new Ostler Air stripper??
Priest for a bit more of a tune up. Really i want another Red block / action so may end up buying another Ev and selling on Priest, or more to the point making him a cardinal! Think an Ostler eg and Air stripper may be on the order sheet for that too.

Showdown this weekend my now 2nd favourite shoot of the year.
Hopefully I wont be too knackered after saturdays weddings and this year I am going to get my revenge and knock that Taylor chap out, least if I can find him in the draw lol
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