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All it needs is some organisation to get everybody who wants to shoot at the worlds , be able to . it needs to be a 5 day shoot . the first two days as eliminators for the worlds proper which would start on the wednesday to friday . those who did not make the cut could shoot in the" plate" if you like , if they want to stay on for the full week . having paid there money they wouild be entitled to some good shooting . barring that they could get out of there head ( sounds good ) . the first two days would also get rid of the nerves and all would be shook down and ready to rock ??? HOLLY
PS eliminations would be down to 150 shooters for the worlds . three courses needed of 50 targets . you could do 450 a day . 900 in two days . two marshals a course , one chief marshal . at a hundred quid a competitor you would be able to pay the marshals at least there expenses and some good prizes that you would not have to beg for .
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