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9th May 2017, 01:33 PM
It's been announced by the WFTF that Kaidu Jalakas passed away this Sunday.

Kaidu was a major influence on the development of FT in Europe forming the European Field Target Federation and a keen shooter on the international circuit representiing Estonia.

Our condolences to his wife Heli and his family and friends.


9th May 2017, 04:58 PM
It's with great sadness that I inform that Kaidu Jalakas passed away last Sunday (7th May).

Kaidu Jalakas has been the main leader and developer of the Field Target in Estonia for several years. He's been responsible for creating all the FT basis in his home country from finding a budget for targets, defining rules, arranging regular trainings, preparing regular national and international championships. All these efforts led Estonia winning international competitions in the last years specially in the springer competition.

These are small examples that shows Kaidu Jalakas's passion for the sport and notoriety achieved by Estonia.

Kaidu Jalakas was also responsible for making Estonia a WFTF member and in 2012 his ambition and vision made him draw up a timetable for each "International Open" that take place in Europe, both to avoid coincidences of dates for their better distribution throughout the season. This action led efforts in founding the European Field Target Federation of which this year will host the third official edition of the Championship under the flag of this Federation in Marienberg, Germany.

All shooters who have participated in previous editions and will participate in future editions of this Euro Championship (this time in Marienberg), they have done this and will do thanks to the efforts of Kaidu Jalakas.

To Kaidu Jalakas our respect and therefore our big thank you.

Personally, I will never forget his dedication and commitment to the Field Target sport.

To the family my deepest condolences during this hard time.

Thank you and RIP.

Sergio Rita | President
World Field Target Federation