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  1. What do you shoot?
  2. What make of gun do you shoot?
  3. Temperature shift
  4. What got you into shooting
  5. Heavies, standard or light ?
  6. Anti-tamper
  7. Most difficult silhouette?
  8. how do i choose
  9. Steyr Rifle
  10. Defiant Air Gun Pellets
  11. Mil-Dot or Dial
  12. Rugby, NZ or Wales?
  13. What will Kingplinker post up about next..
  14. How long have you been shooting air rifles?
  15. What do you zero at and why
  16. Viper or sniper
  17. Napier pellet lube
  18. What Breathing Method Do You Use When Shooting?
  19. What make of scope enhancer do you use?
  20. Palm shelf
  21. When Chilli Bombs this weekend
  22. Who misses a lot, doesn't, sometimes
  23. Competitions, Winning or Fun
  24. Setting up an FT scope parallax
  25. Laity this weekend
  26. Potential new site in Upavon, Wilts
  27. If you are a BFTA Instructor/Coach, will you become an NSRA member?
  28. "youre not even in my league"
  29. Top UKAHFT team for 2012
  30. Griggzy's scorecard
  31. Lurch's score today?
  32. 2012 bfta intes - who will win?
  33. Most missed HFT kill size
  34. FT Starts
  35. Gathering singer for the 2012 season...
  36. super telly 4.5
  37. What are you going to change for 2013
  38. Come back "Tool"
  39. Midweek Daytime Comp
  40. Gathering 2013 Badges
  41. FT shooters
  42. Top shot competition
  43. West Wales Club (Carmarthenshire)
  44. Olympic Style Shooting Jackets should be banned in Field Target?
  45. The best looking pellet
  46. 2014 Gp Champion - Who
  47. What Mag do you use for Field Target
  48. What magnification and parallax setting do you use for HFT?
  49. The vanishing score card
  50. FT Shooters, where is your trigger
  51. Slower or faster pellets = better groups
  52. Bfta Gp Shooting lane Partners
  53. How often do you practice?
  54. The courses at the Worlds 2015
  55. FT or HFT
  56. EFTA World Championship team selection
  57. Priemership
  58. Have you floated your FTP yet?
  59. should the use of slings in FT be banned?
  60. lead pellets
  61. Pellets size or wight
  62. Is it time to ban the use of slings?
  63. Lose BFTA Grades and don't allow dropped scores?
  64. What’s Your Favourite HFT competition
  65. South Wales HFT Club Yes or No